Bluelight UK – Celebrating 20 Years of Growth

Celebrating 20 Years of Growth

Bluelight UK has long-time been the go-to place for pre-owned ambulances. Their stock today consists of a multitude of front line emergency ambulances, high dependency units, patient transport service vehicles, rapid response vehicles, driver training units, wheelchair accessible vehicles and even paramedic motorcycles.

With a brilliant reputation as a family owned business and a forward thinking, can-do attitude; the company has a breadth of knowledge in its markets. Customers include FTSE100 companies, NHS Trusts, charities, universities, private ambulance services, surgeries, export and relief aid to name but a few.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know in this industry,” comments Bluelight UK’s Managing Director, Simon Forster. “In my 36 years in the motor trade and over 25 years of specialist work with ambulances, I have met a lot of very experienced professionals in this industry. They each have immense levels of expertise and we’re committed to fostering and building upon these relationships. Our shared values and extensive knowledge base enables us to react and service issues quickly to keep the wheels turning with minimal downtime. In this industry, there has and will always be a need to service specialist vehicle customers with rapid turnaround. We pride ourselves on our ability to advise on project set-ups and will always go above and beyond to accommodate. Working closely with our partners, we have also developed products and processes which save our customers both time and money. None of this would have been possible without the people we know and work with, so thank you. You know who you are,” he adds.

Despite the pandemic, Brexit, a recession and many other factors, the business continues to grow with more financial institutions, NHS Trusts, private ambulance services and blue chip companies choosing Bluelight UK for both remarketing and purchasing both new and pre-owned ambulances.   Current projects include repurposing vehicles for mobile community surgeries, multi-purpose HDU vehicles and a massive project in Ukraine to supply over 290 medical units.

Simon is immensely passionate about Bluelight UK. He adds: “Our door is always open. If you feel you can add value to our service, feel free to get in touch.” 

If you have a vehicle which needs remarketing or you are looking at new vehicles, give the team a call on 01942 888800 or visit to view their current stock.