CSS Europe – Pro-Cloud Ambulance Automated Software Solution

The full loop inventory management software platform that has been designed to digitally transform ambulance service operations

Pro-Cloud Ambulance is an automated software solution that provides everything you need to manage your warehouse operations and fleet of vehicles. It centralises critical areas of an ambulance operation supply chain and has eradicated the need for various disjointed systems, revolutionising the way ambulance services manage and record everyday operational and asset data.

Asset management is at Pro-Cloud’s core, handling equipment, consumables, medicines and uniforms. It supports ambulance services to digitally transform their processes, providing full visibility and control of stock and assets across multiple locations and functions. By using mobile scanning devices, a variety of barcoding/tagging options and the Pro-Cloud mobile app the solution can be used anytime, anywhere. It operates throughout an entire warehouse facility, make-ready hubs, packing areas and ambulance cabs, managing the full lifecycle of an asset from goods in, to end of life with fault reporting and maintenance schedules at every stage.

As one of the first providers to offer both fixed and hand-held Radio Frequency Technology (RFID) in a combined solution this advanced technology together with the Pro-cloud Ready to Go app provides instant visualisation of a fleet and onboard ambulance assets. It is used by an ambulance crew to complete inventory checks before leaving the scene of an incident and reads multiple RFID tags simultaneously within moments, allowing real-time reporting of equipment and medicine bags located or missing from a vehicle. By using the Ready to Go app, the crew can also report faulty equipment, which alerts make-ready teams in advance to ensure they have replacements ready for the vehicle’s arrival.

On arrival, every aspect of a vehicle’s status is recorded, ensuring reporting can occur at every stage and vehicles are ready for action as quickly as possible. A vehicle status dashboard is provided by the system, which enables make-ready teams and management staff to drill down and view the status of a vehicle throughout. By the click of a button, staff can view if a vehicle is pending and waiting for the make-ready process to commence, if the vehicle is in preparation or if it has been kitted out with equipment and consumables and is ready for use. These ongoing updates increase the transparency of vehicle availability, responding to patient demand, always.

Pro-Cloud Ambulance doesn’t only increase equipment and service availability it also complies with MHRA Managing Medical Devices 2021 and fully supports CQC’s Regulation 15.

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