Intersurgical – New Atomisation Devices

Intersurgical are delighted to announce the launch of their new range of atomisation devices.

Medication can be quickly and painlessly delivered with the DART™ intranasal mucosal atomisation device. Atomised medication delivery results in therapeutic onset delivery similar to intravenous delivery. The delivery method is painless for the patient, helping them remain calm in a high stress situation.

The DART™ is available in four different configurations. The DART300 consists of the atomiser and nasal cone its own, while the DART100 also includes a 3ml syringe. The DART110 includes a 1ml syringe and the DART140 includes both a 3ml syringe and a vial adaptor. All four product options are supplied in boxes of 25 units.

Intersurgical also offer a laryngo-tracheal mucosal atomisation device called the DART-Reach™. This device has a flexible stylet, allowing for a customised approach and can be used in a variety of procedures, such as during awake intubations and difficult airways. The DART-Reach™ is also available in a variety of products configurations to meet different clinical requirements.

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