LogRx Offers a Better Alternative for Tracking Controlled Medications

LogRx Offers a Better Alternative for Tracking Controlled Medications

Ambulance companies contracted with NHS are subject to reporting controlled medications. We all know that it’s an arduous process: pull out the register after shift and log the administration of controlled drugs and other prescription-only medications.

Most of the time, the reporting process goes smoothly–emergency responders are notoriously meticulous. But we’re also notoriously busy, working in high-stress environments. So even when the coolest heads prevail, the process of pen-and-paper logging takes valuable time and leaves room for human error (and misuse). LogRx offers a simplified way to easily track with accuracy.

Paper Tracking Can Result in Errors

With access to controlled medicines come regulations and tracking requirements. Unfortunately, many organisations still rely on paper records to track, carrying a register in the medicine bag.

As with any paper system, there’s plenty of margin for error. Logs can get damaged and misplaced. In the busyness of emergency response, it’s easy for people to forget or become hurried in their recording. Then when it’s time to turn in the register, it’s difficult to decipher.

Not to mention that paper tracking is more challenging to oversee. This lack of transparency can allow for the misuse and theft of drugs. In the stress and pressure of emergency response, people can, unfortunately, make intentional and unintentional mistakes.

Because the Home Office and Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates the specific medications emergency responders can carry and administer, especially controlled medications, they must be carefully recorded. Organisations are subject to periodic inspections to ensure that their company is in line with requirements.

Proper recording of drug inventories helps organisations ensure there’s enough on hand and that it’s not expired or damaged.

Implementing the right systems will help your team perform at the highest level. It protects those in management from breaching regulations and responders from questions about misuse. The right tools also protect patients—ensuring that paramedics can access what they need when they need it.

A Better Solution for Digitally Tracking Medications

LogRx is an innovative solution to ensure accuracy in drug tracking. The software allows responders to easily log and manage the medication inventory with their handheld devices, like phones or tablets.

With a quick scan using the device’s camera, LogRx allows users to record medication in a digital log. It provides a groundbreaking solution for NHS ambulance teams and other emergency responders. LogRx doesn’t require special hardware, and it’s an extremely affordable option that saves money on costly errors and time-consuming reporting.

LogRx is a tamper-evident system. Labels with purpose-built QR codes ensure accurate tracking. The system is easy to use, without a high learning curve for busy teams. If your team ventures out of a service area during their work, they can still use LogRx and upload the tracking when they return in range.

LogRx meets the needs of ambulance services with accountability, tracking history, and organisation. It allows you to access a full view as a manager, knowing what is being administered, where, times, GPS location, and trends—quickly identify any areas of concern.

LogRx provides a fail-safe report for expiring drugs, helping users know when to replenish stock and manage inventory. With a glance, you can monitor the integrity of your medicine supply. From the administrative dashboard, many helpful reports make the jobs of the appointed medicine leads easier, especially when it’s time to report to the Home Office and CQC inspections. The cloud-based administrative dashboard makes it seamless and simple.

The program was developed by those working in emergency response. Initially developed for use in the U.S., the LogRx team worked with U.K. field representatives to ensure compatibility across devices and platforms. For the last several years, many ambulance services that contract with NHS have successfully used LogRx to improve accountability and efficiency, as well as to reduce staff hours.

LogRx works internationally with public and private emergency response organisations, ambulance services, fire, police, veterinary medicine, and wildlife professionals. To learn more about LogRx medication tracking for your organisation, visit LogRx.com