Webasto Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Webasto heating and air conditioning systems are used by front line fleets with systems designed to meet exacting, tailored requirements. Our products are designed to provide exceptional performance and service.

Not only do we provide comfortable working climates for the crew, we can also achieve a reduction in idling times which in turn lowers fuel consumption, decreases overall operating costs and helps us to remain focused towards improving the environment.

Webasto products have been a mainstay for one of the largest fleets in the UK for many years, based on an impressive reliability record and ease of operational function.

A parts locator and replacement part service are available to ensure your own people get the best operational efficiency from the fleet. Clear and concise training material, with regular updates are also offered either at Webasto’s training academy, or at your own depot locations to suit your needs.

For many large fleets, demands placed on both crew and vehicle can be extremely arduous, so it is of vital importance that both remain fully optimised to respond when it really matters. When considering these demands and agreeing on a build specification for your frontline ambulance, rapid response, and patient transport service vehicles we will only specify products that meet the exacting standards and performance expected from Webasto.


Webasto is the largest producer of auxiliary heaters and air conditioning in Europe. Let us take you through the options. For an informal chat, call David Stafford on 01302 381141 or email david.stafford@webasto.com