WEL Medical – Ambulance Super Plasma Air & Surface Disinfector

The Ambulance Super Plasma Air & Surface Disinfector unit is now available in the UK. This specialist unit is a trusted, clinically proven means of ensuring patient transportation and ambulance personnel are safe from all known bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus.

Designed and manufactured by a leading South Korean medical technology company and global leader in the medical devices industry.   Following the MERS and SARS outbreaks, thousands of these devices were installed in Ambulances and Hospitals across the country, having passed rigorous clinical tests.

The unit requires power only and does not use any chemicals; using plasma, filtration, and Ozone to safely purify, sterilise and disinfect the air, continuously reducing contaminants and increasing safety for occupants.   The fumigation process sterilises the interior, all surfaces and equipment.   The use of Ozone is a quick and efficient method that is safe, leaves no residue and has only oxygen as a by-product.   Ozone is a very powerful oxidiser that is highly effective at killing micro-organisms. When in the atmosphere it penetrates even the smallest area to sanitize it. Ozone is also much stronger oxidiser than other common disinfectants such as chlorine and hypochlorite. In fact, the use of these in many countries has been decreased significantly due to the possibility formation of carcinogenic by-products such as trihalomethanes (THM) during the disinfection process.

Ambulance staff can programme the unit with the remote control and unlike some devices that have to deployed by a person, once the unit is activated, no personnel are required to carry out the purification, sterilisation and disinfection of the ambulance.   Depending on contamination levels, the Ozone Fumigation Mode can take as little as 15 minutes.

The units are easily mounted on the interior of an ambulance and can be powered from vehicle’s 12V power supply and/or by using the in-built rechargeable battery.

For more information, contact Paul Mulvey at WEL Medical on 01252 344007 or email paul.mulvey@welmedical.com