2017 Features List

February – Paramedic/Trauma

This issue will be focusing on Developments in Defibrillation and Monitoring and will be of great interest to training officers, paramedics, specialist paramedics, etc.

Editorial deadline:  January 6.  Advertising Deadline: January 20

* issue will provide bonus distribution at Trauma Care

April – Training & Development/Specialist Insurance Schemes  

This issue will focus on Training Aids.  We will also be looking at Insurance Schemes that are available to protect those most at risk.

Editorial deadline: March 3.  Advertising Deadline: March 24


June – Vehicles & Allied Equipment                                                      

This issue will look at Vehicle Developments and the Introduction of New Vehicle Equipment

Editorial deadline: April 28.  Advertising deadline: May 12. 

* issue will provide bonus distribution at Life Connections 2017/The Emergency Fleet Exhibition/NAPFM

August – Health & Safety – Infection, Prevention Control & Decontamination

this issue will focus on Protective Clothing and Equipment aimed at ensuring the safety of those in the workplace.

Editorial deadline: July 7.  Advertising deadline: July 21.

* issue will provide bonus distribution at The Emergency Services Show

October – BASICS Conference Edition 

This issue will be covering the BASICS Conference.

Editorial deadline: September 8.  Advertising deadline: September 22

* issue will provide bonus distribution at BASICS

December – Communications

This issue will be focusing on Ambulance Service Communications , Vehicle Tracking, etc.

Editorial deadline: November 3.  Advertising deadline: November 24