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Vimpex – Understanding Professional Rescue Helmets Standards

Use, don’t Lose your Head  Understanding Professional Rescue Helmets Standards ​  Whilst it’s accepted by purchasers and users of PPE that they should ensure they fully  understand what they are buying and ask the right questions of their safety wear suppliers,  it appears that not all buyers of PPE do – making it difficult to filter what’s good and what’s  bad, what’s fully compliant and what’s not.   Standards, norms and annexes!​ The world of PPE and the relevant directives for helmets, gloves boots and other items is a  minefield and not for the fainthearted. Manufacturers and suppliers must comply with  various standards, provide evidence of compliance and continue to comply – all whilst doing  their best to make accurate, consistent and easily comprehended marketing claims to  potential customers.  Specifiers and buyers of professional PPE designed for use during dynamic rescue  environments need to know that their chosen equipment is certified, safe, and appropriate  for use. Procurement professionals have a duty to ensure that the PPE they procure is fit for  purpose and that the manufacturers’ claims are true and accurate.   Do you know what your people are wearing on their heads?​ Purchasers should carry out thorough due diligence to ensure that products being offered  are as expected. An example of this is rescue helmets for ambulance and paramedic use.  Thankfully, the chance of head or eye injury to paramedics is very low, but specifying a  helmet fully certified to EN 16473 – Helmets for Technical Rescue will ensure that you are  providing your ambulance crews with helmets of an equivalent level of safety to their fire  and rescue colleagues. Helmets fully tested to this standard and certified under Annex II of  Regulation (EU) 2016/425 for full type testing and performance to the EN norm are  thoroughly tested by official test houses.    Labs drop carefully calibrated weights on the helmets, shoot ball bearings at great speed,  crush, deform, freeze and heat the products as well as ensuring that straps and clips keep  the helmet in place in case of falls or shock. A fully tested helmet, certified under Annex II of  the PPE directive is what you should be looking to specify for complete piece of mind.   ​ The eyes have it​ What many people miss when considering options for Technical Rescue Helmets for use by  Paramedics is the level of protection afforded by integrated eye guards or visors. EN 16743 … Read more »

LogRx Offers a Better Alternative for Tracking Controlled Medications

LogRx Offers a Better Alternative for Tracking Controlled Medications Ambulance companies contracted with NHS are subject to reporting controlled medications. We all know that it’s an arduous process: pull out the register after shift and log the administration of controlled drugs and other prescription-only medications. Most of the time, the reporting process goes smoothly–emergency responders… Read more »

Butterfly Network Partners With East Anglian Air Ambulance

Butterfly Network partners with East Anglian Air Ambulance to bring the power of ultrasound to emergency assessment. Butterfly Network has signed an innovative partnership with one of the UK’s crucial providers ofemergency medical care. East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) are working along Butterfly Network on the successful deployment of a unique ultrasound governance and education… Read more »

CSS Europe Limited – Make Ready Software Solution is Ready Now

The cutting–edge Make Ready software solution is available now! CSS Europe Limited – creators of the automated Pro–Cloud Ambulance platform thatprovides everything needed to manage assets, warehouse operations, and fleets of vehicles– have been further developing their solutions through the modernisation of a Make Readysystem and mobile app. By working closely with industry experts, the… Read more »

Intersurgical – New Atomisation Devices

Intersurgical are delighted to announce the launch of their new range of atomisation devices. Medication can be quickly and painlessly delivered with the DART™ intranasal mucosal atomisation device. Atomised medication delivery results in therapeutic onset delivery similar to intravenous delivery. The delivery method is painless for the patient, helping them remain calm in a high… Read more »

CSS Europe – Pro-Cloud Ambulance Automated Software Solution

The full loop inventory management software platform that has been designed to digitally transform ambulance service operations Pro-Cloud Ambulance is an automated software solution that provides everything you need to manage your warehouse operations and fleet of vehicles. It centralises critical areas of an ambulance operation supply chain and has eradicated the need for various… Read more »

Bluelight UK Limited

Bluelight UK Ltd has just opened another vehicle storage facility in Ashton in Makerfield near  St Helens.  This site will allow the company to take on more assets for its remarketing  operation and is equipped with workshops and offices.    “We are constantly evolving,” commented managing director, Simon Forster.  “Good secure  storage has always been one of our biggest concerns and with this important addition to our  armoury we now can stock up to 150 vehicles.  We are selling more ambulances than ever,  but sometimes the timeframes can be stretched due to charities, committees and export  procurement processes.  This space provides us with a mass of opportunities.  In addition to  this, our site at Atherton is being extended which will enable us to deliver even more  vehicles.”    Due to demand there are just 15 frontline ambulance vehicles in stock today including 2015  and 2016 Sprinters and national specification Ducatos, as well as a fleet of well-maintained  PTS vehicles.      “We are preparing for a glut of incoming Patient Transport Service vehicles ranging from  Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles to Bariatric over the coming weeks.  This has been delayed  due to the replacement vehicle supply, but we are ready.  We are also due to take delivery of  another 9 brand new High Dependency Units in the next few weeks and have more Rapid  Response vehicles arriving soon with more Front Line National Spec ambulances due in the  next four to five months.” added Simon.  “This year in addition to our normal UK business,  we have already supplied pre-owned vehicles to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Malta, Uganda,  Mozambique.  We don’t make a song and dance about how we are helping in Ukraine, but  we are currently aiding the cause on many fronts”.     Bluelight UK is also heavily involved with new vehicle supply (not exclusively) for the UK  market, in particular specialist conversions such as High Dependency Units (B category),  Secure and Non-Secure Mental Health Transport Units and Driver Training Units as well as  Support Vehicles and other specialist medical transport solutions.  Their experience in this  field is invaluable and the team also has expertise in helping new businesses establish  themselves, providing sound advice for anyone planning a new “start-up” private ambulance  business.    All the vehicles in stock are ex NHS Trust and have been well-maintained.  Pre-owned  vehicles (especially ex NHS Trust) can make a huge difference to your capital expenditure.   Repurposing vehicles is also good for the environment.      With the current exhaustive new vehicle lead-times Bluelight UK can often offer solutions for  short, medium and long term whether you normally purchase or lease your vehicles.  Their  rental ambulances can also provide you with 

Durabook Upgrades its R11 Fully Rugged Tablet

Durabook upgrades its R11 fully rugged tablet to better support emergency services Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions manufacturer, has upgraded its R11 fully-rugged tablet to offer emergency services crews greater functionality and performance capability when undertaking their vital work. The R11 boasts cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-changing needs of mobile workforces and response… Read more »