Bluelight UK Ltd – #20 Years Strong


Celebrating two decades of resilience and success, Bluelight UK Ltd proudly marks its 20th anniversary as a limited company. However, the roots of this milestone extend back to 1988 when the company’s founders, Simon and Julie, forged a connection while working at Kirkby Central in Bolton. Both seasoned professionals in the motor trade, their journey has encompassed diverse roles, including engagements with major fleet customers, finance, leasing, remarketing, and sales management.

Simon’s career trajectory includes a pivotal role with ABN Amro Bank of Holland in the late ’90s, where he specialised at Amstel Leasing within Commercial Vehicle Management. This subsidiary of Automotive Leasing, a primary supplier of ambulance vehicles in the UK, positioned Simon as a key player in understanding the intricacies of the UK ambulance industry. Subsequently, CVM emerged as the market leaders in used ambulances for the UK.

Embracing change within the remarketing division, Simon took a bold step, founding Bluelight UK in 2003 as a sole trader with a mere £3000 in hand. Over the years, and with the collective efforts of his family, the business has evolved into its present form.

Reflecting on the journey, Simon remarked, “I couldn’t be prouder. Twenty years ago, our consultancy business was a modest venture, sustaining itself and paying the bills. Matthew (my son) and I diligently conducted end-of-lease inspections and managed the sales process for a majority of leased ambulances in the UK. Fuelled by a sales-driven mindset, I was confident that with the right resources, we could evolve in this market. It demanded hard work, and despite facing competition and economic downturns, we persevered and stand strong today.”

A family business through and through, employing Julie’s nephew and niece, Daryl and Samantha who play major support roles.   The current focus of Bluelight UK’s team includes various projects supplying Patient Transport Service vehicles, High Dependency Units, and box ambulances. Additionally, they are actively engaged in projects related to Rapid Response Vehicles, Mental Health Units, and Driver Training Units. Concurrently, the family is joyously celebrating the arrival of Matthew’s son, Oakley, potentially heralding the next generation of success for Bluelight UK Ltd.

For enquiries regarding vehicles to enhance your ambulance fleet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Bluelight UK Ltd team. You can reach them by phone at 01942 888800, send an email to, or visit their website at